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We carry a wide selection of annuals that are available in 2 packs, 4 packs, 4" and 6" pots. There are options for that shady or sunny spot you are wanting to fill! Ranging from trusty Marigolds to Birds of Paradise, you can be sure to find beautiful and healthy plants for your property!   


Veggies and Herbs

Homegrown food is the best kind of food! We have a large selection of veggies and herbs for you to pick from! Whether you are wanting to grow your own Asparagus or share Zucchini with everyone you know, we are sure you will find happy plants to pick from. As for herbs, we carry the basics, like Basil and Lavender, as well as tasty Mints, like Chocolate and Pineapple, that are the perfect addition to those summer salads (or drinks)!  Herbs are available in 4" pots while veggies are available in 2 packs, 4 packs, 4" and gallon pots. 



Perennials are a garden staple that you can enjoy year after year. We carry 4" and gallon pots of perennials for those areas you need to fill. You can find ornamental grasses, hostas, and blooming perennials like Rudbeckia which are sure to make the pollinators happy!


Flowering Shrubs

From gorgeous Roses to Hydrangeas and Weigela, we have a wide variety of flowering shrubs that will add interest and colour to your garden. Lilacs and the Royal Star Magnolia are classic Spring bloomers that we carry as well!


Hanging Baskets

Whether it's the full foliage of the Boston Ferns or the constant blooms of Dipladenias, it's easy to fall in love with our hanging baskets! We have a large selection of low maintenance options so you can sit back and enjoy their blooms. If you enjoy deadheading though we have colourful Mixed Geranium hanging baskets too!



We create everything from small table top planters that will add a touch of colour to large self watering planters that will make a big statement! Within our displays you will find a wonderful selection of planters, some bursting with colour while others provide a range of textures and foliage. If you don't see a planter that suits you, we are always happy to create a custom planter for you!


Water Plants

As a relatively new product in our greenhouse, we are happy to announce we will have a larger selection of water plants available this year. You will be able to find Water Hyacinthe, Water Lettuce, a variety of gorgeous Nymphaea, Iris and more!



We carry Hawthorn Farm Organic Seeds. They are an independent seed company that focus on techniques that build soil, enhance natural ecosystems and reduce water consumption. Located in Ontario they carry quality seeds that will be sure to produce a bounty.


Bagged Products

We carry Fafard soils, soil mixes and compost within the greenhouse. All soils and soil mixes are specially designed with ingredients for exceptional results thanks to being enriched with compost. Several mixes that we carry are approved for organic gardening. The ever popular Sea Compost (Biosol) is a wonderful option for those who want a more organic way to improve your soil and provide essential nutrients for vigorous growth.

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