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Meet The Team


Glenna’s love of being in the garden started at a young age on the farm with her Mom and Dad. She is happy to have passed this love down to her two children Justin and Emma. Glenna considers herself lucky to be spending her days alongside Emma at Petals and Foliage. Her favourite job at the greenhouse is going for ice cream or french fry runs and can often be found playing around in her own gardens at home.

It's Glenna!


You might know him as Chris, Christopher, or just Stan, and he is the man in the machinery at Petals and Foliage. Chris opened his first greenhouse in Dresden when he was just 16 years old and has over 30 years experience of being a horticulturist! This is who you talk to when you call, see when getting any of our bulk products, and is the trusted one to water the plants. When Chris isn’t working his extra long hours screening soil and doing deliveries he tries to get out for a hike or for a paddle in the canoe to enjoy nature.

It's Chris!


Emma started off with stocking and facing plants when we first opened Petals and Foliage but now she mainly spends her days using her creativity to make planters while she isn't on the till or helping customers. She is the one who manages our Facebook page, Instagram account and email inbox while also handling web design duties for our website! At the end of a long day in the greenhouses, Emma loves to get her hands a little dirtier by spending some time tending to her vegetable gardens.

It's Emma!


When he started showing up in Rannoch, Evan would joke with customers that he was hanging around so he would be able to see Emma during the greenhouse season but over the years he has become a large part of our team. Evan works in downtown St. Marys but comes out in the evenings and weekends to do whatever he can to help though his first stop is almost always to restock “his” vegetable section. When not at work or the greenhouse in the Spring and Summer, Evan can usually be found at the soccer pitch either coaching or playing soccer.

It's Evan!

Clark & Lex

Clark and Lex are our canine unit at Petals and Foliage. They love chasing each other through the greenhouse and relaxing in the shade when they're on break. Their chase game really takes off when one of them steals a tag from a plant container. If your pot happens to be missing a tag, there is a good chance one of these fellas could be the culprit. They can also be found helping on bulk material deliveries.

It's Clark!
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