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Custom Planters

We LOVE making custom planters for our customers! Not only do we get our creative juices flowing but you get a planter that is completely tailored to your needs and desires! As always, you only pay for the products used; our time and creativity are free!

​If you can't make it in to the greenhouse to discuss in person, there are other options for ordering:

When you make your order, please include the following information:

  1. Containers: bringing your own or purchase from us

  2. Sunlight: number of hours and time of day that exposure takes place

  3. Specific colours or plants you wish to be included (or let us surprise you!)

  4. Budget: per container or overall

  5. Effort level: Set it and forget it (plus watering!), Meticulous Green Thumb (bring on the dead-heading!), or somewhere in between

  6. Desired pick-up date

We look forward to creating the perfect planters for you!

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